• Dear customer
    Post time: Jan-18-2023

    Happy new year! At the beginning of the Spring Festival, everything is renewed. On the occasion of the coming of the new year, Wuxi Yuke deeply thanks you for your support and love to our company!Best wishes and greetings to you! In the new year, our company will work harder to provide you with b...Read more »

  • Solutions to some problems that are easy to occur during the use of manual riveting gun
    Post time: Jan-18-2023

    Why can’t the manual double-handle riveter hold the nail? 1. If there is no vertical overlap with the workpiece during the operation of the rivet gun, the rivet gun and the workpiece will be skewed, and the rivet will not be tight after the rivet is pulled. This kind of situation is usually...Read more »

  • How can the rivet not bend when riveting
    Post time: Jan-13-2023

    Prevention method for rivet head deviation or rivet rod deviation 1. Rivet gun and rivet rod shall be on the same axis 2. At the beginning of riveting, the damper shall be gradually increased from small 3. When drilling or reaming, the cutter shall be perpendicular to the plate surface. Replace t...Read more »

  • Working principle of rivet gun and use method of manual rivet gun
    Post time: Jan-06-2023

    Generally, the rivet is inserted from one side of the plate, and must be supported by the jacking iron, and then riveted with the rivet. However, when riveting with a rivet gun, only one side operation is required. The specification of rivet gun depends on its length. Generally, each rivet gun i...Read more »

  • What specification is the rivet used on the iron sheet?
    Post time: Dec-23-2022

    The rivet fastener uses Hooke’s law principle, through the special equipment for rivet, under the action of one-way tension, stretch the bolt rod and push the collar, extrude the inner smooth collar to the screw groove, so that the collar and bolt form a 100% combination, generating permane...Read more »

  • What is the difference between a manual rivet gun and a pneumatic rivet gun?
    Post time: Dec-23-2022

    Manual rivet gun is operated by both hands of workers, first the rivet gun, then the rivet into the rivet gun, aligned with the part to be anchored, close the rivet gun, you can reach the role of anchoring. The pneumatic rivet gun is a one-handed operation, and now the suction rivet gun, fast. Read more »

  • Treatment of some problems encountered in riveting of pop rivets
    Post time: Dec-14-2022

    1.When selecting tools for pop rivets, should they be selected according to the diameter above the crown edge of the pop rivet or the diameter of the pull rod below the crown edge? A:When selecting the core pulling rivet gun, it should be selected according to the rod diameter of the rivet rather...Read more »

  • Understand the normal characteristics of the riveting state of some pop rivets
    Post time: Dec-07-2022

    The pop rivet may not be too strange to many people. In fact, the pop rivet is also a common part, commonly used furniture, and large machinery and equipment. Another feature of the pop rivet is that the use of the pop rivet requires tools, not the same as those of screws. Do you know the normal ...Read more »

  • How do the rivets on the board come off?
    Post time: Dec-01-2022

    To remove the rivet, the rivet cap must be removed first. After the rivet cap is removed, the rivet can be flushed out with a drift. If there are iron rivets on the board, how can I get them off? If there are not many iron rivets, you can use a bench worker’s chisel to remove the rivet cap...Read more »

  • What are the precautions for rivet guns?
    Post time: Nov-24-2022

    1 、Pull rivet hole diameter should be about 0.1mm larger than the diameter of the rivet, too large will affect the strength of the connection, too small rivet insertion difficulties. 2 Riveting should be selected according to the diameter of the mandrel pull rivet gun head aperture, appropriate ...Read more »

  • Steel Steel Blind Rivet Open type Big flange,Dome Head Steel grade SAE 1008 Rivet body should be black zinc plating 4.8*11-16
    Post time: Nov-23-2022

      Flange blind rivet Description: Flange blind rivets are used in the construction and maintenance of railway vehicles, and widely used in the aircraft industry. They are used for both thin and thick plate. The main and flange parts can be made of steel, aluminum, copper and zinc. With good ...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-23-2022

    Dome head blind rivet is widely used in industry production, home decoration and fixing for steel, aluminum and stainless steel fastener. We have enough stock of aluminium blind rivet, steel blind rivet and other types of remaches pop. Our product is competitively priced to ensure the best value ...Read more »

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